FAQ & Basic Rules

Is it safe?

Bach Remedies are fully safe, natural way of healing. Natural ingredients are combined with crystal clear water and  minimum amount of alcohol (made from grapes) or glycerin (made from sunflower) for conservation.

How quickly I will see the results?

Animals, small children as well as plants react to Bach Remedies pretty quickly. It is though necessary to take into account the type of issue we are dealing with, how deep the problem is and if you as animal owner can cooperate with it and keep the dosage discipline. Bach Remedies always work. The most important though is to find the right ones. And that depends mainly on you, your honesty and openess at consultancy with your Bach Remedies certified practitioner.

Will my vet agree?

Though it is not always common for vets to know Bach Remedies in detail, since remedies are safe and do not interfere prescribed treatment or medication, most of vets welcome help of Bach Remedies. Next to emotional help to the animal, Bach Remedies help the animal to cope with vet's presence and care as well. We are happy talking to your vet and answering all questions.

Are there any contraindications with my animal's medication?

No. Animal's medication, treatment or any other traditional medicine procedures are perfectly fine and work well together with Bach Remedies. We are happy consulting you and your vet in this respect.

Are there any contraindications?

No. Simple as that. Bach Remedies can be taken safely by anyone, any animal. Regardless its species, breed, age, gendre or situation in which the animals finds itself. All Bach Remedies are also gluten free.

May I use Bach Remedies for any kind of animal?

Yes. Bach Remedies are obviously mostly used with animal pets. But horses or domestic animals owners, as well as animal keepers in ZOOs report fantastic results.

How long will the achieved result last?

Should your animal face only one specific problem, you choose the right Bach Remedy, keep the discipline and give it some time, the result will stay forever. It is though quite usual there is not only one thing to deal with and new might appear one the original one is solved. Stay patient and give yourself and your animal time and chance to live happy life.

Where can I get the remedies?

The best is to consult your practitioner and get your remedies with professional advice and guarantee there. You can surely visit some pharmacies, bio stores or shops selling healthy products where you might buy Bach Remedies. It is though not advised to buy prepared mixed bottles without consulting your certified practitioner beforehand. You would lose money and might not get the result you are hoping for.

How much does it cost?

Please see our price list and feel free contacting us should you have any special situation or request.

May I mix my own bottle?

By getting more and more experienced, we help our long-term clients to understand how to mix the bottle. It is useful to know how to do it should you leave for long time and not having a chance to ask your practitioner to prepare your own bottle. In general it is not good investment to buy pure essences while using them only couple of times. 

What are the remedies made from?

The Bach Flower Remedies are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun-steeped method or by boiling. The Remedies are hand produced exclusively in England. The Remedies contain 27% grape based brandy as a preservative. Or the alcohol free versions are preserved in glycerin made from sunflowers.

Basic Rules to Follow

4 x 4

Minimum dosage per day is 4 drops 4 times a day. You can not overdose! Feel free dropping the remedies into animal's water, massage into its skin or carefully give remedies directly to the mouth.

Look & Feel

Help your animal, stay patient, confident and ask your practitioners to answer your questions. Your animal is magic creature, but do not expect miracles in minutes from it.

Feel free to ask

Do not be shy to ask again and again. Question us as well as yourself. We are here for you and for your animal.