Problems & Solutions

Fears & Phobias

Scared animal being afraid of specific thing or even with an unknown reason, benefits from using Bach Remedies. Should your animal face fear from situations such as fireworks, postman's visit, cars, other animals, kids or should you not be able to find out the reason of animal's fear, your Bach Remedies practitioner should be able to help you. Most probably you will find remedies like Aspen, Mimulus or Larch in your personalised mix of essences.


Is your animal being called "aggressive", but you somehow know it is not the right name for animal's behaviour? Animals are never aggressive, they are, by their behaviour, showing what is not right. Animals typically behave differently once they are stressed, facing same bad experience as in the past, being badly treated and often misunderstood. Natural behaviour of your animal is the key to success. Discover the reasons, think together with your animal and forget about "what is being said". Follow your intuition and feel free consulting your Bach Remedies practitioner. Consult only certified practitioners since those understand what your animal behaviour looks like and can also objectively give you feedback. Animal will benefit from essences like Cherry Plum, Mimulus, Beech or even Rock Water.

Training & Learning Issues

Did you give your animal many times the same command, but he is still not able to follow? Did you try special way of training and it still works only once upon a time? Does you animal repeat same behaviour so you might feel he does it "on purpose"? Bach Remedies help animals to understand what they are asked to, help them not to repeat the same mistakes and follow naturally acceptable rules without major issue. Typically you will see remedies like Chestnut Bud, Impatiens, Larch or Rock Rose.

Excessive attachment and dependency on owner

Do you know how can animal cry and suffer once you have to leave? Were you finally able to leave to holidays and let somebody else taking care of your animal friend? Do you feel your animals really loves you, but also is highly possessive towards you? Is your animal becoming unfriendly once you are meeting other people or paying attention to another animal? Bach Remedies have solution how to help you both. Obvious, but not only remedy you might find in your personal mix, will be Chicory. 

Welcoming new animal friend & family member

It is not always easy to welcome new member to our environment. Should it be new animal, but also new partner or even a baby. How to explain to your animal the change and how to help your animal to adapt to new circumstances? Bach Remedies certified practitioner should discuss with you basic situation aspects, confidentially treat information provided and help you to find a solution. You might benefit from remedies such as Walnut, Impatiens or Rock Water.

Hygienic & Cleanliness problems

Is it the case your animal repetitively does not follow hygienic rules? Or does he involuntary defecate or faces incontinence during illness? Might you face together issues with fur cleanliness. Or is it even the case your animal friend eats the dung of others (coprophagia)? Bach Remedies are gentle, effective and long-term solution for you. It would be probably a good choice of your Bach Remedies practitioner to advise Crab Apple, Larch. But not only those, consult your specific situation and ask your practitioner to diligently evaluate your situation. 

Animal never gets tired

Are you facing animal friend being constantly active, restless and impulsive? Once you need your animal to stay calm, relax and maybe follow your vet's examination, is it matter of fight and stress for everybody? Might it be even after long walk or exhausting exercise your animal is still "on" and seems like over enthusiastic? Bach Remedies, such as Vervain, Impatiens or Cherry Plum, will help you to restore restrain and self-discipline.